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Will it Take Another 50 Years for Truth to Prevail?

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As I praise God and rejoice at the overturning of Roe v Wade, I cannot avoid lamenting the fact that it took nearly 50 years. Now that the legality of abortion will be decided state-by-state, will it take another 50 years to finally eliminate its legality altogether? While it certainly ought not, unless we do something different from what we’ve done during the past 50 years, it may well take longer still. What can we do to see to it that it doesn’t?

To begin with, we need to cast off the notion that politics and religion are taboo subjects at social gatherings, especially those involving family and friends. There are appropriate times and circumstances that arise during such gatherings in which their discussion is a requirement for anyone who claims to be a witness to the faith. Minds and hearts cannot be changed without such witnesses. Furthermore, the absence of challenge to wayward life will almost always be interpreted as acceptance.

Secondly, we need to be very careful with the application of the words “in charity” when we engage in promoting truth. I do not argue here against the importance of “truth in charity.” Rather I argue against the notion that “in charity” requires that no one is going to be offended or upset by a statement of truth. In a world in which reactions are almost always emotional rather than logical, it is almost impossible to state even the simplest of truths without someone being offended or upset. The truth must be proclaimed boldly, without hesitation, and regardless of potential consequences just as Jesus did.

Thirdly, falsehood must be strongly countered whenever and wherever it appears. We’ve too frequently ignored falsehoods thinking the logic and common sense of the masses would self-correct them. In a very large segment of the masses, logic and common sense have been supplanted by emotional hysteria, and a falsehood repeated often enough becomes perceived truth. Leaders from all walks of life have failed miserably in this regard. They must begin to set an example.

Hamish Fraser is quoted in “There Is Nothing More” (AMI Press, 1964) as having said in a 1952 keynote speech to a Blue Army rally in France: “If today the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ is being crucified, it is not the Communists who are primarily responsible. The very Stalinist soldiers who are driving the nails into the flesh of Christ’s Mystical Body are the agents, not of the Kremlin, but of our apathy, our lethargy, our disloyalty, and our cowardice.”

He was referring to the fact that too many families are staunchly Catholic within their homes, but then accept anti-Catholic teaching on social matters in the public square rather than the social doctrine of Mother Church. This continues today and must come to an end if Fatima and the apostolate are to achieve their ends.

If we are faithful in prayer, call out falsehood wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head, and take advantage of every opportunity to proclaim Truth, legal abortion will be eradicated from our nation long before another 50 years pass. The hand of God will favor those who honor Him.

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Deacon Bob Ellis is the National Coordinator for the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

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